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Caring for your hair piece

Maybe this is your first time purchasing a wig or hair extension. Maybe it’s your first time buying 100% human hair wigs. Or maybe it’s just the first time you’ve cared enough to learn the proper way to care for your hair pieces. Whatever the reason you’re here – welcome. 

All Cocoa Diva wigs have been manufactured to the highest standards and go through very strict quality control checks to ensure quality. When properly cared for our 100% human hair wigs and extensions can easily last a full year or more. Here’s how we recommend you care for your Cocoa Diva wigs.

To Wash or Not to Wash your Cocoa Diva Wig

Every time you wash your wig you are shortening it’s lifespan. This isn’t a reason to be alarmed, the same if true for your natural hair. As you wash, dry and style your hair, hair will fall out. We’ve all experienced it. The difference with a wig is there aren’t new hairs growing in to replace the ones falling out. 

It is not recommended to wash your wig or extensions more than necessary. Limit washing to once every week or two or until the hair starts to feel dry and sticky. Most wig wearers will wash their hair every other week.

How to Wash your Cocoa Diva Wig

All of our wigs are made with 100% human hair so washing your wig couldn’t be easier. Simply choose your favorite shampoo, and conditioner, checking to ensure the ingredients are gentle and safe for wigs, and wash in cool water. 

The main concern with washing wigs is the lace netting. It is important to be VERY gentle when washing your wig. Do not pull, rub or scrub with too much force or you will pull hairs out of the lace. It is also helpful to brush with a wide tooth comb before washing and to start at the end and slowly work your way up to the top with care to the base and tracks.

How to Dry Cocoa Diva Wigs

To dry, blot your wig with a towel to remove excess moisture and then allow to air dry on your wig stand. It is important not to blow your hair as it will damage the lace and could result in losing hair or uneven wearing. 

Allow the wig to fully dry before styling.

Other Useful Tips for Prolonging the Life of your Cocoa Diva Wigs

Always store on a wig stand to maintain the structure of your wig. 

  • Go easy on the products. More products mean more washing and more washing means a shorter lifespan. 
  • Limit heat exposure. Don’t use harsh styling tools like curling irons and flat irons. 
  • Stay out of chlorine, saltwater and avoid washing with hot water.

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